Weekly Roundup

I’ve spent my Saturday studying. I feel like I made great strides today. I noticed I was making connections that I didn’t see before, typing faster and generally feeling positive. Two short interruptions today — a video call from my Mom (we’ve cut it down to once a week while taking this course), and a forty minute walk around the neighbourhood to “clear my head.” My brother told me once that he’d read that walks without agendas – no planned routes – are a great boost to your creativity. I think that’s why I was able to push through so much work today!

So, here are some things that I found interesting or entertaining this week:

  •  A story from Job.com about web development trends in 2014.
  • A CBC story about teaching kids to code at school. Makes sense. I have a teacher friend who says teaching cursive writing is a waste of time. What else will be cut from ‘traditional’ curriculums, to make way for, and take advantage of all the technology that’s available to us?
  • The Guardian had a story about Basic – the programming language that’s turned 50 years old this year.

Finally, an xkcd comic that sums up the crazy dreams of late:




Makey Makey

The FITC Women’s Make and Mix was such an incredible learning experience, and so much fun. It was hosted at Mozilla’s office space here in Toronto. I heard an estimate that there were as many as 80 women in attendance, from all walks of life: developers, artists, designers, and journalists, ranging in age from new graduates to mid-career.

It was a comfortable and welcoming event. First, there was time to ‘mix’ at the beginning. I took that opportunity to practice and hone my networking skills. It really is a balancing act, learning to be authentic, but also put your best foot forward. I struggle a bit with the initial introductions and “small talk.” I found I was at my best when I was genuinely curious and asking questions. I met  some really interesting women, who are all so passionate about their work. Interestingly, even though I’m a full-time student, people still asked me if I had a business card. I don’t. I’ll have to get on that.

There were three short talks from Alex Leitch, Kate Hudson and Pearl Chen and each talk was spilling over with useful and practical information.

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Weekly Roundup

The last five days at BitMaker have been all about Javascript and jQuery. It’s been a fun week. Beside doing the assignments, I also spent some time over at Code Academy working on their JS and JQ exercises and now for the weekend I’ve started reading the free HTML version of “Eloquent JavaScript“.

This afternoon I’m headed over to a “Women’s Make and Mingle” at FITC’s Technology and Creativity Conference in Toronto. Looks like an interesting lineup!

Here are a few interesting finds for my first weekly roundup:

  • A course about version control on GitHub (recommended by one of my teachers).
  • For women interested in learning code or in joining an international network of likeminded individuals, check out Women Who Code. I joined this month. Their newsletter is packed with useful information and community news.
  • Finally, this is an essay by Ella Luna about careers and callings. It seems appropriate given the career change I’m making right now!